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Surrender (Small)

Surrender (Small)

SKU: 21554345656

Surrendering to the beauty and mysteries of life can be scary but surrendering to fears is not living at all...

Orgone's ability to neutralize EMF comes from it's piezoelectric activity. Piezoelectric activity is a friction that is produced from the combination of certain organic and inorganic earth elements such as crystals, gemstones, metals, and epoxy. The combination of these elements creates an electromagnetic 'scrubbing' effect which may explain the potential of Orgone to neutralize the positive ion radiation emitted by Wifi, most importantly 5G. This piezoelectric ability may also help to explain a range of Orgone's potential health and environmental benefits.

Orgonite pulls in Anions and repels Cations. This pulls in negative charged ions that brings beneficial healing energy to the body and near by surroundings. The mixture of organic Piezoelectric crystals and inorganic metals allows the transformation of negative energy into positive healing energy.

This piece is created with Shungite, Black Tourmaline, Clear Quartz, Silver, Copper, and gold alloys!

This beauty packs a punch toward harmful EMF/ RF frequencies!


    Please add a note if you are looking for Crystal Healing or specifically Orgonite cone or pyramid.


    We value our customers. If you are dissatisfied with the look and no longer want the product, half of the price will be refunded for the time, inventory and energy spent creating the item. The product must be returned.

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