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Grounding & Protection Orgonite

Grounding & Protection Orgonite

SKU: 217537123517253

This piece is created with Copper, Gold metal alloys, Black Iron Oxide, Clear Quartz, Shungite and Black Tourmaline.


Medium: Base: 8.5 cm. Height: 14 cm.

Large: Base: 10.5. Height: 16cm.


    Orgonite spreads the Love Frequency this world desperately needs. Orgonite clears stagnant and negative energy and bring healing positive energy. Orgone Energy neutralizes EMF radiation, assist with plant growth, aids with meditation and supports restful sleep.

    All products are made with Shungite or Black Tourmaline to combat Harmful EMF Radiation.

    Small: Base: 2.5in. Height: 4in

    Medium: Base: 8.5 cm. Height: 14 cm.

    Large: Base: 10.5. Height: 16cm.


    We value our customers. If you are dissatisfied with the look and no longer want the product, half of the price will be refunded for the time, inventory and energy spent creating the item. The product must be returned.


    Shipping ranges from $8.00 - 15.00 depending on the size and number of Nubian pyramids ordered at a time. Please email for international orders.

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