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What is Orgonite?

For those of you still wondering what is Orgonite....

Orgonite is a tool to transmute Energy. Orgonite consist of organic materials such as crystals, sand, shells and must contain mostly metals. Copper, nickel & steel all share good conductivity. ⚡️

Orgonite is a tool which can assist one with amplifying and tapping into the vibrations of healing due to the crystals added into each creation.

Orgone Energy is a life force energy within all beings. Use your Orgone breathe work to activate the body & the meridians (Chakras). With mindful breathing you give your body 100% ability to function at its highest capacity by allowing access of oxygen through out the body.

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Frankie Mo. HD
Frankie Mo. HD
12 de set. de 2023

Your work is wonderful I am going to be filling up my studio with these precious orgonite pyramids!

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