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What is Orgone?

Orgone energy is life force energy. It has various Universal names such as Chi, Prana and the Ether. This is neutral energy and life force energy. This is the ultimate electromagnetic force therefore it is the Yin & Yang energy. Orgone Energy neutralizes EMF & RF radiation, clears stagnant negative energy, assist with plant growth, aids with meditation, supports restful sleep and boosts the bio-field. Browse through our product gallery and experience shopping with Mystic Divine for yourself. Please don’t hesitate to reach out!

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Our Origins

This journey was inspired in 2018. Creating Orgonite started initially as a hobby with the goal of clearing the mind, energy and utilizing my hands to create. As my research of Orgone Energy progressed, this grew not only my creativity but my spiritually and Self Love as well. Ultimately Mystic Divine creates to spread the Love Frequency, Healing energy and Awareness of Orgone energy. Mystic Divine creates Resin Art and Orgonite for the spirit.

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Common Queries

You Asked, We Answered

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Why is Orgonite helpful?

Did you know that within the home, the router and modem is one of the many devices that gives off the most radiation? Safety regulations advises that cell phones and routers are safe at a particular distance, however how can we all make sure that we are keeping our families safe from this silent danger? Orgonite can assist with deflecting EMF & RF radiation.

Where should I have Orgonite?

Anywhere! However, the best spots are near electronics, such as your entertainment systems, your office, bedroom nightstand, kichen and in the rooms of your children and pets.

How can I use Orgonite?

Simply place orgonite where you spend the most time. You can also use orgonite as a catalyst for meditation/ yoga, regulating emotions, and self-awareness. Also, a great house-warming gift.

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